Author: Emanuela Longo

2018 Summer is marked by some new and interesting trends in men’s fashion. The new collections proposed by the main brands tend, as it has been happening for some time, to look at the past proposing timeless items and atmospheres; in particular, the focus is now on the phases that characterized the British Social Season with looks that make us live the world of British regatta again. Freedom and strictness are, thus, combined in a revival of the old English college, with all the dreams marking the age of youth.

So these are the new outfits emerged from the catwalks of Men’s Summer Fashion 2018  and they stressed the retro atmosphere and the typical look of managers. Cotton and linen, checkered and striped shirts, double-breasted coats, leather belts and high-waist, soft trousers are the clothing items in evidence. This direction has been followed by the brands that paid a greater attention to the latest fashion trends all over the years, as in the case of Boggi Milano.

The new runway shows have also promoted the young gentlemen style to be worn especially during Summer. To roll back the years and experience the typical atmosphere of the old days by wearing soft-tailored trousers matched with t-shirts to be worn inside them or ties and shirts with round shapes to evoke the style of English regatta.

The dominating colors for new Summer men’s collection are sepia shades and tones such as beige, ivory, white, cold brown and mustard. As far as fabrics are concerned, the inspiration to English tradition and the world of regatta is total. The most used material is cotton, but there are also combinations of cotton and linen, with particular attention to Irish linen.

As regards other items, we can mention striped and checkered shirts, with rigorously white cuffs and collar as dictated by the British style. Then, men’s Summer outfit is completed by double-breasted or single breasted jackets but also by leather bags, soft and informal, and the classic regatta hat, with its colored ribbon characterizing the several regatta teams.