Author: Emanuela Longo

The ankle boot is a trendy shoe among men’s outfits. Several models have been proposed by the latest fashion trends. From the minimal version – essential but always elegant – to the tapered version. Then, there is the Cuban heel boot and the one with a gutsy look. But how to choose among them? And, above all, what are the trendiest models in 2018? For the season Spring/Summer 2018, there are several models on which most men who love ankle boot can agree.

For those who love wearing ankle and lace ankle boots, there are two main tendencies to take into consideration for the new season according to the latest runway shows. The former is the Chelsea boots, the so called “Beatles”. They have a simple and absolutely linear shape, low heels and a side elastic band that characterizes them. The latter, on the other hand, takes inspiration from America and particularly from the Western style. The shape is different compared to the previous model for it is elongated and with a Cuban heel.

The Berluti brand proposes an ideal model of Chelsea ankle boots in suede and honey color. Santoni, too, follows this route by proposing its model in antique leather, hand colored with tone-on-tone shades and saddle stitch in view. On the other hand, Dolce & Gabbana chose a more casual model with side elastic bands, round tips and rubber sole. Gucci is also inspired by this trend.

A different model is the Texan ankle boot in Western style launched by brands such as Saint Laurent, Coach 1941 and Givenchy. In particular, Givenchy launched it as its core model for Summer 2018. Its boots maintain the Cuban heel – a 50 millimeters, lamellated, hand-cut heel. Two versions have been proposed: one with back zipper and the one with elastic band. Finally, there is the model designed by Sir Paul Smith destined to the men who love simpler and more linear shapes.