Author: Emanuela Longo

Even in Summer, women’s fashion won’t overlook trousers, an everlasting clothing item which has been also chosen for Spring-Summer 2018. The latest runway shows have already confirmed the last trends as regards trousers: from palazzo pants to culottes, these are the most wanted models to be worn in Summer.

The fashion’s weeks of New York, Milan, London and Paris have anticipated fashion trends for Spring/Summer 2018. It is not always easy to wear trousers correctly and find the right matches. What are the rules imposed by fashion during the hottest period in the year?

On one hand, trousers to be worn during this Summer will all have a common element, that is comfort. All the models will be large and soft, made of fluid and light materials as required by the season. The major role will be played by palazzo pants, characterized by the classic large leg, in its straight or flared version. Another important role is played by culottes, that is the shorter version of the former.

As far as colors are concerned, the most lively season in the year imposes more daring choices. Thus, you can show off vertical stripes and colors like yellow, fuchsia and cobalt blue. And what about black? Obviously, the classic color par excellence cannot be neglected in case of more elegant and formal outfits combined rigorously with laminated materials.

For everyday routines and more informal looks large trousers are a ‘must’, but they can find their place also in more elegant outfits, provided that they are put on with suitable matching. In the first case you can choose t-shirts or shirts to be worn inside the trousers; in the second you should choose a more formal look, thus soft crop top blouse and the everlasting high heels.

Among the most appreciated models there are those presented by Alberta Ferretti and Gucci. Their collections are characterized by high-waist trousers with large, straight leg that gradually narrows at the ankle.