Lo showroom
T.C.S. Srl (originally known as Tessuti Cravatte Stampati) was founded in 1976 after twenty years of experience gained in Tecra sas as the converter in the production of medium / high quality products by. It completed the final stages of Tecra’s goods (the production of quality fabrics for ties). The T.C.S. Srl historic site, Via Coloniola 23 in Como, moved to its present location in Via Regina Teodolinda 47 (Como). It diversified its products by adding shirts, twins, bags, hats, headscarves, handkerchiefs, scarves, swimsuits and boxer shorts to its original articles of ties and fabrics.
Today, with over forty years of experience, T.C.S. is appreciated worldwide for its quality products that are always attentive towards creativity and innovation. At present most of the production is done internally or with the support of qualified suppliers on a vertical basis; the creation of the design (Graphics / Design division); the different options on paper; the preparation and printing of transparency sheets for screen printing; printing (digital or traditional) and packaging.