Author: Emanuela Longo

As it happens every year, the end of 2017 has been characterized by the usual final considerations even in the world of fashion. In fact, the recently concluded year has been considered one of the most important in the field of fashion, due also to the great international events that contributed to convey significant political and social messages on the runaways, such as in the case of Donald Trump’s election at the presidency of the USA or women fights against violence, especially sexual harassments that caused many debates in the last period of 2017.

As far as fashion is concerned, last year has surely been characterized by t-shirts exalting feminism, but it has also been the triumphant year of Alessandro Michele and the revival of ‘70s, ‘80s, ‘90s. A return to the past welcomed by many brands that took immediately the chance to borrow from it.

The e-commerce website Lyst, specialized in the field of fashion, has decided to take stock of the year by making a classification of the most sought-after brands, clothing items and accessories in 2017.  The outcomes are resulted by cross-checking the data of over 100 million of researches carried out on the website by 80 million of buyers coming from 120 different countries.

The “big brand” of the year was the maison led by Alessandro Michele, Gucci, ranking first in the category for over 35 million of customers who displayed their attention and interest on Lyst website. In searching for this brand, users associated the following keywords: flowers, snakes, contrasting patterns, as an evidence of the success obtained by Michele’s aesthetics.

As for the most popular logos, the printed ones resulted the most interesting and, among them, those of Balenciaga stood out, followed by Gucci’s, Loewe’s and Saint Laurent’s.

2017 also witnessed the coming back of important sportswear brands such as Fila, Kappa and Champion. T-shirts with printed slogans were very popular, due also to the social and political messages they conveyed.

Among the trendiest looks of last year, there was surely the street style by Off-White, Balenciaga and Vetements; whereas luxury outfits were represented mostly by Zimmerman and Mara Hoffman. However, the true trend of 2017 was represented by the revival of the past decades; from boots to bike shorts and to the shoes in vogue during the Nineties, Dr. Martens and wedge heel shoes. Unstructured clothing items have also been very successful, such as the shirts by Jacquemus and Vetements.